Description of a Perfect Shopping Center

Shopping is part of daily life. If we are going to shop,  which is suitable for us?  Surely, there should be a perfect description for a good store.  Let us suppose you want to go to a shopping store but you will not be satisfied. What then is the description of a perfect shopping store?

Return of product or changing should be granted. There are products which you mistakenly bought without noticing that it has a defect. Of course this is unfair.  This is why we think of returning it and ask for a refund.  If the store does not grant this, it is better to find another store.

Testing area Products are suppose to be tested before bringing out. There are stores that do not have this system. There are “trying sections” for certain products. In terms of garments,  there are fitting room for them. There should be an extra clothes for trying. A fitting room should be a place where costumers are comfortable with.

Sales clerk and all other staffs should be approachable and kind.  They are suppose to entertain their costumers with bright smiles on their faces because n9 one wants to meet a poker face. Smiles melt the heart. Even if costumers are angry, if staffs are so bright,  customers will be bright also and feel comfortable in a store.

Complete store. Sometimes, it is irritating if there are many lackings in a store. This is why we have to find a store wgich is complete with the certain group pf products we want to have.