How to Distinguish a Product Whether Original or Fake

How to distinguish an original product from fake ones and vise versa? Some would simply label a product with the name of the original one? It happens this way, people will imitate a product and then they will simply name it the same with the brand name. However, there is copy right law. Even in this situation, people will still find a way to do it. So we have should know how to distinguish these two.

First, look at the name and its logo. There is a logo on every brand. However, fake ones can not imitate logo because they will be charged of copyright. How a logo is engraved is very important. If it is not engraved just as how the original is, then it is fake!

Casing and Packaging

Packaging and casing of products has differences. For example, size of the box or seal. The seal itself is very important. Only the original manufacturer can seal their own perfectly forĀ promotional marketing. Imitators can not do the same.

Special Features

Did you know that there are special features seen in original products that are not in the fake products? For example, the fake product can not copy the exact label design of the product same as the original because they do not have that, the machine that bears the function of labeling. At first glance, first see the outside appearance since that is the limit. However, it may be difficult to spot a fake product at an online store because you can not touch it and can not say if the product appearance is edited or not.